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How to create cool screen names

Screen Name Generator

Create cool names that your friends aren’t going to believe! ASCII has many special characters in it that many people don’t know about. This recipe also has many tips that are going to help you think of a cool display name!

There are two ways you can create cool display names. One way of accessing other symbols is by experimenting. To experiment you can use this technique:

1. Press Alt+a number combination (Try all sorts of combinations, I find that there are a lot of combinations in the 0160 range that can be used)
Make sure that you don’t release the alt button in between!
As soon as you let go of the Alt button you can see your character symbol there.

Here are a few examples

Press Alt+0153 to get a ™ symbol
Press Alt+0169 to get a © symbol
Press Alt+0164 to get a ¤ symbol
Press Alt+0166 to get a ¦ symbol
And so on…

If you want a list of more of the symbols then use the list of symbols (Windows Character Map) in Microsoft Word

To access this:
1. Open Microsoft Word
2. Click on Insert on the menu bar
3. Then click on Symbols…

Then a box will pop up with all the symbols. Just double click on a symbol to paste it in the document. Then just copy and paste the symbol from your document.

Now all you need is a little creativity to put all these symbols together.

Most people either make a pattern out of these symbols around their name or make their name out of symbols.

Here are some examples I could come up with:

® | $ |-| Σ Я ž ™- Notice that this name is created completely using symbols, and I have spaced the symbols so that it is a bit easier to read.

[¸,ø¤º°`¦°º¤ø,¸ |The Risherz| ¸,ø¤º°`¦°º¤ø,¸]© ²ºº5 – Just a few symbols that I put together and repeated the same on the other side.

That’s all there is to it!

To change you display name in msn just

1. Click on Tools
2. Click on Options…
3. Type in your display name or use Copy and Paste in the text box under
“Type your name as you want others to see it:”

Now when your friends sign onto MSN Messenger they are going to see your extremely cool display name!

How to Add a Screen Name in America Online

Each AOL account can have up to seven screen names at any one time. The screen name you created when you first registered as an AOL member is your primary master screen name and cannot be changed or deleted. All other screen names can be created or deleted at any time.

Create a screen name

A screen name must start with a letter and may be any combination of letters and numbers up to a total of 16 characters.

Some screen names are restricted due to security reasons or duplication. AOL reserves the right to delete any screen name it deems to be vulgar or sexually explicit. If someone has already chosen the screen name you desire, it will not be possible for you to use it. This is so every AOL member will have a unique email address with no duplications. If the screen name you select is already in use, delete the screen name you typed in and try again. There is no limit on how many times you can try different names.

Note: To create a screen name, you need to be signed on with a master screen name. A master screen name is the first screen name you created for this account and any screen name you have assigned master screen name status with Parental Controls.

To create a screen name:
1. Find an available Screen name. Use
2. Go to
3. In the Screen Name: box, type your master screen name.
4. In the Password: box, type your AOL password.
5. Click the Sign On button.
6. Click the Create link.
7. In the Answer: box, type the answer to your Account Security Question.
8. Follow the onscreen instructions to select the new screen name, the password, and the Parental Controls settings.

Note: If you choose either Mature Teens, Young Teens or Kids Only for the Age Category, you will also be prompted to choose whether or not to turn on Activity Reports.

How to Find Good Screen Name Ideas?

A screen name (screenname or s/n) is a name that uniquely identifies a user within an online system, instant messaging software, platform roleplay games and other Internet-based environments.

The term started out as screen name (two words), but in recent years, the usage of the single-word form screenname has been  increasing. The abbreviation “sn” can also mean an online screen name.

Screen names are often pseudonyms or first names, many times complemented by extra numbers, letters, or other characters to disambiguate them from users with similar screen names on the same system; this practice is increasingly common as the popularity of online environments grows.

How much a screen name means in reference to its owner usually depends on number of accounts, and length of use. When a person uses the same identity for multiple services, then it probably means something to them personally, such as a nickname or a running joke. People who are not able to obtain their desired screen name on a popular service make minor typographical changes to the name by adding numbers or changing spelling, resulting in a multitude of usernames like ‘Dela54r4h5’ and ‘will0wRick’.

Substituting numbers for certain letters is called Lookalike or l00k4lik3, because the numeric characters visually resemble the alphabetic ones and the name is still readable.

If you have completely ran out of screen name ideas, there are several websites that help you generate new name ideas randomly. Some examples from an online SpinXO Screen Name Generator are the following:

4l3xTab, CaesDressy, FelBeach, InfernoEamon, MorlyDemon, R0d30Lang, SephTin, VividN0bl3, 5illyPat, CandyParke, FeliAlone, IvennGoofy, MortNyc, RacingYul3, SergeSteen, VkDamia, AbrAnnon, CheeBour, FielToxic, JandDonald, MuchDua, RamonXmc, SincGr4nt, WaldMyh3r0, AlfyBoz, ChikSkyl, FitzW4v3, JeffeIam, N3dyTao, RamoX0x0x, SlashKende,  AmirSchool, ClauLovely, ForeverFarre, JeremMo, NascarTha, RecipeHold, SlipkKais, WinnCutie

If you wish to get more personalized results, just enter some words into the three textboxes – for example your name, your favorite pet, your hobby.

Go to

Screen Names

It has become increasingly difficult to find a cool, available and non-numeric screen name for a AIM, MSN, Skype and many other Instant Messaging services. Therefore we’ve created SpinXO Screen Name Generator – a simple way to create hundreds of  Screen Names in an instant.

Screen Name Generator

Screen Name Generator

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Our visitors have been kind enough to share their name ideas with those in need, thank you all!

Acceli Web Solutions launches an intelligent Domain Name Generator

Press Release August 28, 2006

Acceli Web Solutions launches an intelligent Domain Name Generator at The new domain search system at contains a variety of features that speed up your quest for unregistered domain names.

Acceli Web Solutions, a New York web development company, announced today the launch of its next generation domain name suggestion tool and search engine at

Unregistered domains can now be easily found with several new methods, like the random phonetic word generator, using different language rules, synonym search, popular affixes and more.

“At some point almost everyone needs to come up with a name for their startup business, personal website or blog,” said Tauno Novek, Chief Operating Officer of Acceli. “We faced the same question when we were looking for a name for our company. That’s when the idea about the domain name generator was conceived.”

The domain search engine was developed using the new Microsoft.NET Atlas framework that takes advantage of the AJAX (shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) techniques of the web.

“We’ve been running it for a while now and the results are astonishing. Within minutes the search engine returns 5 and 6 letter domain names that sound good, are brandable and memorable! Apparently there is still an infinite number of good names out there, its just a matter of finding them, ” said Novek.

About Acceli Web Solutions

Based in New York, Acceli – – is a privately owned web design and development company that uses the latest web technologies to build innovative and unique websites.

To learn more about the MakeWords Name Generator, please visit

Naming is Everything

This weblog is dedicated to finding great names for everything.

There is an infinite number of letter combinations. Here we discuss how to arrange these lettes properly, so that it would result ina a short, unique, relevant and memorable name.

Almost everyone has faced a decision of choosing the right name in some point of their everyday lives – be it your childhood pet, your roleplay character, your business venture or a product, or even your own baby. We realize it is an important decision because it will affect greatly how people think about the one we named. Will the name be popular, does it sound good, do we have to spell it out every time, is it pronounceable in other languages?

There are good names and not so good names and I’ll do my best to help you distinguish the two and choose a name you’ll be totally satisfied with.