Acceli Web Solutions launches an intelligent Domain Name Generator

Press Release August 28, 2006

Acceli Web Solutions launches an intelligent Domain Name Generator at The new domain search system at contains a variety of features that speed up your quest for unregistered domain names.

Acceli Web Solutions, a New York web development company, announced today the launch of its next generation domain name suggestion tool and search engine at

Unregistered domains can now be easily found with several new methods, like the random phonetic word generator, using different language rules, synonym search, popular affixes and more.

“At some point almost everyone needs to come up with a name for their startup business, personal website or blog,” said Tauno Novek, Chief Operating Officer of Acceli. “We faced the same question when we were looking for a name for our company. That’s when the idea about the domain name generator was conceived.”

The domain search engine was developed using the new Microsoft.NET Atlas framework that takes advantage of the AJAX (shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) techniques of the web.

“We’ve been running it for a while now and the results are astonishing. Within minutes the search engine returns 5 and 6 letter domain names that sound good, are brandable and memorable! Apparently there is still an infinite number of good names out there, its just a matter of finding them, ” said Novek.

About Acceli Web Solutions

Based in New York, Acceli – – is a privately owned web design and development company that uses the latest web technologies to build innovative and unique websites.

To learn more about the MakeWords Name Generator, please visit


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