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Creating domain names with dictionary keywords

Finding the perfect domain name can be a tedious process because so many great domains are already registered. But that doesn’t mean that all the best domains are taken, or that it is impossible or too time consuming to find the name that best suits your needs. NameStation has developed an innovative domain name generator full of priceless features that make choosing a bespoke domain easy and even fun.

Create domain names using the Dictionary Domains search allows users to search for names using the extensive power of the dictionary. For a basic search, simply click the Dictionary Domains tab from the menu, enter a keyword and then choose an extension like .com or .net. Your keyword can be a word you would actually like to use in your domain, like “bubble”, or merely related, like “pop”. Once you click generate names, a list will display endless combinations of possible domain names that are a combination of your keyword and another word, like “bubbleach” for example.
You can customize your Dictionary Domain search further with features like Alliterations and Related Words. Want your domain to have a playful tone or memorable pronunciation? Alliterations produce names like “BubbleBuddy” and “PopPoem”, to use our previous keyword examples. Using the Related Words feature can expand your options further by creating domains using words similar to your keyword.

If you haven’t found the perfect domain name yet, the other Dictionary Domain features will narrow down your choices. Word Lookup will locate your keyword in a massive list of alphabetical choices, allowing you to use the power of the dictionary in a matter of minutes. But if you are interested in using a name in another language, use the Translations feature and access possible domain names in more than 20 different languages.

Namestation’s Dictionary Domain tool is just one aspect of the groundbreaking domain name generator. After you experience the many features of the domain name generator, you will surely have chosen the ideal name.


Naming Your Start-up: Simple Do’s and Don’ts

The time to start thinking about the ideal name for your new business is at the same time you start putting your business plan on paper.

Yes, your business – no matter how small a start-up – should have a written business plan. But that’s another story for another day. For now, let’s look at the most important reason to pick just the right name for your business.

If there’s one idea you want to carry with you always, particularly as you evaluate possible names for your business, it’s this: Perception is reality!.

How would-be customers will think about your business starts with the impression its name creates in their mind. So think long and hard. Next, they’ll be impressed – or not – by how that name is presented graphically – colors, type style, any accompanying art, perhaps a “tag line” or “positioning statement” that describes or amplifies some unique aspect of your business.

How and where you use that name also creates an impression, including on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels. Even bags and boxes, billboards, store windows, including on the sides of your fleet of delivery trucks.

As you can see, the name of your business will have many faces and wear many hats, so creating the final graphics package – unless you’re a graphics pro – isn’t something you want to do while sitting at your kitchen table. Invest the few hundred dollars it takes to have a professional graphic design firm put together several versions for you to review and choose from. It’s truly a wise investment.

The image or perception you create for your company name – whether deliberately or through neglect – is how both existing and potential customers will think of your company each time they see or hear its name. And creating that perception, the perceived reality of your business, begins with whatever name you give it.

Give some thought, too, to registering that name in its final design presentation – the whole thing is called a “logo” – as a trademark. Yes, it will cost you several hundred dollars more, but once it’s registered, no one else will be able to use your name for their business. That simple act of registration can save you untold head aches, plus thousands of dollars, down the road.

Another thing you need to secure for your brand is an available domain name. Since there are now nearly 200 million domain names registered globally, it can be extremely difficult to find a suitable name with an available .com or .net domain extension. Therefore it is possible to save hours by using automated domain name suggestion tools like