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Business Name Generator

Namestation has created a powerful, fun to use business name generator that users can take advantage of to find one of a kind domain names. And although there are numerous features of this generator that allow for endless possibilities, some users prefer to find names through the Hand-Picked Domains feature.

Namestation is more than just a website to find a great domain. Users can create a profile and view other user profiles, harnessing the growing popularity of going ‘social’. Namestation members can contribute domain name ideas, for fun, or on a more serious basis. For example, some members are titled Naming consultants, or Naming professionals. But any member can create a useful domain name that other users may find appealing.

These contributed name ideas are the basis for Namestation’s Hand-Picked Domains feature and nearly 30,000 domains have already been created. Members can submit domain name ideas as part of a naming contest. Once a winning name is chosen, the rest of the name ideas are available for use as a Hand-Picked Domain.

Users can search within the Hand-Picked Domains with keywords to help narrow down all the choices. And, what’s more, within the Hand-Picked Domain list, users can view a brief description of the contest, like “A domain that has to do with: parking space…”.

Choosing a domain doesn’t get any simpler than that! Plus, registering with Namestation and taking advantage of not only the domain name generator tools, but also the knowledge and creativity of the Namestation community will ensure the best possible domain name choice.