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New Business Names: Naming For The Ear

It’s surely happened to you, too: You call someone back from a telephone message, not sure who they are or what they want, and what the receptionist recites upon answering comes off as a complete blur. It doesn’t even separate into words.

In many cases this has nothing to do with the diction of the receptionist. Out of context, the company name simply makes no sense to the ear.

Years ago I had an extreme version of this experience when a gardening columnist I was interviewing said something interesting about “squash vine borers.” Listening, I could not form words out of those sounds. I had to ask her to repeat the phrase three times. I still wasn’t sure I’d gotten it right and emailed her to check, only to learn that what I’d finally heard as “bores” should have been “borers.”

Two names submitted in our first Named At Last naming contest, for a web design/search engine optimization company, exemplify this problem. Each contains the kernel of an appealing visual image, but out loud they don’t work:

Ducks Tech Web
Agile Impala

In the first name, the consonants smudge into one another, and in the second example, the vowels blend together when they shouldn’t. Corral a colleague who hasn’t read this newsletter, and test this by saying each name naturally, without exaggerating the space between the words. Ask them to spell what you just said. Most of the time, the colleague will look stunned, unable to echo the sounds, much less spell words.

Use “the receptionist test” on any name you’re considering for a company or product. Even if you primarily sell through the written word, there will be times when you need to call a business partner and have the name create understanding rather than confusion.

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Business Name Generator Name Generator

Naming your business is one of the most important decisions you are facing when establishing a new company.

There’s a lot of room for creativity, but in order to have a truly unique, memorable and brandable name, you need to consider certain basics:

  1. You need a distinctive name that characterizes what your business does
  2. The name must be pronounceable, brandable and relatively short
  3. You want a name that has an available .com domain

While the first two are a matter of brainstorming and consulting with your friends or colleagues, getting the third one right can be an impossibly difficult task to encounter. With more than 50 million .com domains registered today, you can spend hours looking them up in the Whois database one-by-one, only to find that all the sensible ones are already taken. Fortunately there are the domain name suggestion tools, like, that generate hundreds of name ideas instantly, and speeds up the domain name search process greatly.

Very often the names have nothing to do with the underlying business, or service, such as Kodak, Google, eBay. Remember, it’s the uniqueness of the name – you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Deep etymology is secondary compared to the uniqueness and brandability of the name.

Another way to decide on a domain name is to try to figure out what message you want to convey to people and combine a couple of short words together, that are easy to remember. Many small businesses prefer to use words that cleverly suggest qualities about the underlying product or service without describing them outright, such as Lending Tree for loans, Slenderella for diet food products, or The Body Shop for personal hygiene products. Such names can easily be generated with the Popular Affixes or Dictionary searches.

If you’ve found the perfect name for your business, you have to take the extra step to secure it by registering the domain name. Domain name registration is not something to be intimidated about. It is a straightforward process, where you just have to follow the step-by-step instructions given by your domain registration provider. All you need to know, is your contact information. No technical knowledge is required.

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