How to find great available domain names?

The recently launched NameStation Domain Search introduces a variety of new high-end domain name search tools.

Try it out:

There are a number of unique ways to find available domains with fast bulk domain check:

  • Name generator that produces names in different languages
  • Over 150 preset wordlists for creating compound words
  • Custom wordlists for finding niche domains for specific needs
  • Smart wordlists for domains with dictionary words
  • 40 Top-Level-Domains
  • Name research and translations etc.

The Conceptual Wordlists  contain words related to concepts – e.g. fast, secure, unique, dynamic, smart, strong, positive, dynamic, simple, useful. For instance, if you’re looking a name for an anti-virus product, you would use words that are related with security and strength – Castle, Vault, Lock, Wall, Guard etc.

Domain Name Contests can be created to get name ideas for a specific purpose. Contests can be shared with friends or a private team, responses can be rated.

Social Naming. Connect your Facebook account to interact with your friends and participate in their Shared Contests. Share private Contest links  in Facebook and Twitter. Your friends can help with names for anything – when you get a new pet, need a new screen name, role-play character name, start a band or discover a new planet.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TUKUNU JENA on July 20, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Hi I want ope a company name who is a service provider of play school,

    restaurant,fast food and transportation of iron ore/chromite/managneese/coal etc


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