This Type Of Website Can Make You A Fortune With Adsense

It’s a fact that there are many Internet Entrepreneurs who are making in excess of $25,000 a month and some are making more than $100,000 every month from Google’s Adsense program.

However, it’s also a fact that some Adsense publishers are struggling to make the minimum required to trigger a monthly payment of only $100.

Just in case you didn’t know, Adsense is a program offered by Google that allows anyone with a website, or who is going to publish a website, the facility to publish Google Ads from which you (the website owner) receive a portion of the advertiser’s payment every time a site visitor clicks on one of those Google Ads on your site.

So therefore, the more the advertiser pays for their ad to be shown on a particular site, the more the publisher receives when a site visitor clicks on that ad.

Most webmasters who have Adsense ads on their sites know all about blending the ads into their site’s theme, choosing the right size ads and positioning the ads optimally.

Google’s own heatmap suggests where to place your ads to get the most clicks and therefore maximize your adsense earnings.

However, despite having done all of the above, some sites will continue to have much higher adsense earnings than others.

This can, of course, be attributed to many variables including the following;


The site with more traffic should out perform the site with less traffic, but this is not always the case.

The following factors can influence this.

2.The number of Ad Blocks on the site

The more adsense ads there are on a web page the less value each ad’s click will generate, ie it seems that the advertising revenue becomes diluted as the number of ads increases

3.Google’s Smart Pricing

Google’s smart pricing influences the amount of revenue paid to the publisher

4.The Advertiser’s advertising Budget

The amount the advertiser is willing to pay to have his ads published on your site will also influence the amount of your portion of his advertising fee.

5.Industry – Niche Market

This is a crucial factor in determining Adsense revenue.

As you can well imagine, a website about “Mating Habits of the North Sea Clam” will not have as many advertisers clamoring to get their ads on that site as a site that is all about “Website Hosting” will, for example.

What this means is that an advertiser wishing to have an adsense presence on the former site will have to pay far less for top keywords than advertisers on the latter.

As you can see the more competitive a market or industry is, the more advertisers are willing to pay for their adsense adverts.

Some sites regularly generate more than a dollar a click whereas others can only muster $0.01 per click at best.


Bearing in mind the above point, it follows that the content on your site will directly influence the type of ads you’ll receive via Google’s adsense script.

So if your content is all about red widgets, Google’s adsense script will place ads from red widget advertisers on your site, provided advertisers in this market do in fact exist.

Conversely if your content is geared towards web design you can be rest assured that there are many advertisers paying good money to have their web design adsense ads published.

7.Site Popularity

It’s also fairly obvious that advertisers would be willing to pay more to have their ads placed on high profile sites than those that aren’t as popular.

Now to the crux of this article.

What type of Website will generate killer dollars from Google’s Adsense?

Whilst all of the above are important to make the big dollars from Adsense, an astute internet entrepreneur would build a site that simply targets high paying Adsense advertisers and simultaneously attracts large numbers of targeted site visitors.

Sounds simple enough but before you rush off to build your `Site made for Adsense’ just remember that a site stuffed with the highest paying keywords will not only be frowned upon by Google but will hold no interest for your site visitors and consequently your site’s popularity and success will be around zero.

About the Author: The author, Mark Bellinger is a university graduate, successful businessman and creator of the following websites:


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